George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Timothy Pickering, 8 June 1796

June 8. 96

The Secretary of State has examined with as much attention as the time would permit, the several acts of the late session of Congress, & noted the points requiring the acts or directions of the President of the U. States, which notes are respectfully laid before him.

The Secretary also presents the draught of instructions for the person who is to go to London to aid the Commissioners on spoliations. Mr Samuel Cabot was contemplated as the Agent. Mr Fitzsimons & the Committee of Merchants have seen his recommendations—they know of no person whom they can recommend in preference: Mr Fitzsimons entirely approves of him, & thinks it fortunate that he will undertake.

T. Pickering

DNA: RG 59—ML—Miscellaneous Letters.


c.8 June 1796

Act may 17th 1796—empowers the President to appoint Superintendants of the Light house to be erected on Cape Cod.

Act may 17th 1796—empowers the President to approve of the locations of certain lands granted to Ebenezer Zane.

Act may 18th 1796, empowers the President to appoint a Surveyor General—also an agent to join in the direction of the sales of land to be made at Pittsburg—The President to fix the compensation of the Assistant Surveyors, Chain Carriers and axe men, not to exceed in the whole 3 dollars per mile.

Act may 19th 1796, Boundary Line according to treaties with the Indians to be marked under direction of the President—a Superintendant to be appointed for granting licences to reside among the indians—Sect. 7th Temporary agents to reside among them.

Act may 27th 1796, The President to give directions to certain officers concerning Quarantine.

act 28th may 1796, directs the president to appoint two or more agents concerning Seamen.

act 1 June 1796, form of Passports for ships to be approved by the President.

act 28th may 1796, President to make allowance of compensation to inspectors relative to duties on [Carriages].

act 31 may, President empowered to borrow 324,539 dollars 6 cents.

act 31 may, President to approve of the loan of 5 millions of dollars.

no. 45—June 1. Passports for Ships & vessels—form to be approved by the President.

no. 46—regulating grants of land &c. to the Moravians.

47. admission of the State of Tennessee.

48. making appropriation to satisfy certain demands attending the late insurrection &c.

49. drawback.

50 further appropriation for 96.

51—President to borrow 650,000 dollars.

52—relief to Owners of Stills.

53—to indemnify the estate of the late Genl Greene.

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