George Washington Papers

From George Washington to United States Congress, 28 May 1796

United States 28th May 1796

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives

The extraordinary expenses, to be incurred in the present year in supporting our foreign intercourse, I find will require a provision beyond the ordinary appropriation, and the additional twenty thousand dollars lately granted.

I have directed an estimate to be made, which is sent herewith, and will exhibit the deficiency, for which an appropriation appears to be necessary.

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28th May 1796

Estimate of the funds necessary for defraying the expenses of foreign intercourse, for the year 1796.

Ministers plenipotentiary at London
Madrid   Dollars
Lisbon 36,000
Outfits, to London 9,000
Madrid 4,500
Lisbon 4,500 18,000
Four Secretaries, at 1,350 5,400
A quarter’s salary to each minister returning home, and about
two months pay for their continuance in service after the
commencement of the service of their successors
Contingent expenses of the ministers, other than those that are personal 3,000
 Probable expenses of obtaining papers and prosecuting the claims
of our citizens for spoliations on their Commerce
 Already appropriated 60,000
deduct the difference between the salaries of two ministers
plenipotentiary, and two ministers Resident, for half a year
} 4,500
Deficient 23,500
Note. The Minister Plenipotentiary for Madrid & the }
Minister Plenipotentiary proposed for Lisbon, having
already received as Ministers Resident at Lisbon &
the Hague the annual out fits as such, only 9,000
dollars are now estimated for both to complete the
outfits of their advanced grade.

Timothy Pickering

Secretary of State

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