George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Richard Patch, 13 April 1796

Demerary 13 April 1796.

We the Subscribers, all Citizens of the American United States, do Certify by these presents, The necessity of having a Person in the Colony of Demerary, to Reside there, in the capacity of a Counsel from the united States, of north America; to assist with his good advice,, Those American Captns and Traders, That visit the place, for the purpose, of disposing of there Cargos, & as we have (from The Time of our residing in this Colony), Experienced great Difficultys, for want of advice, & not understanding The Languages and have met, with great Losses by Selling our merchandise to people unknown to us, by which means some of us have great Sums of money, outstanding, and will be with difficulty collected—That we have frequently been in distress, for want of a place to Deposit our Dead also To provide for Sick Seamen; Lodgings, Convenient for them in There distressed Situation, all which Taken into Consideration, We do think it absolutely necessary, for the Citizens of the American States as well as for The Commerce of this place, that his Excellency the President of The United States; Should for that purpose appt a Capable Person to Reside in this Colony as a Consul from the United State aforesaid, witness our hands.

Richard Patch

Saml Lathrop

Richard S. Tibbots

James Dryburgh Charleston

Charles Nattle—Philada

Samuel Low—Providence

Josiah Shackford Portsmouth N.H.

John Pritchet of Philada

William Lawrence of the State of New York

Thomas Reilly of Philadelphia

Samuel Leighton of Boston.

Joshua Gage of Boston.

Thomas Hunt—Philidelphia

DNA: RG 59—ML—Miscellaneous Letters.

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