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To George Washington from Tobias Lear, 10 April 1796

10 April 1796

This Indenture made this tenth day of April in the Year of our Lord Seventeen hundred & ninety six by and between Tobias Lear of the City of Washington, District of Columbia, on the one part, and George Washington, President of the United States, of the other part, Witnesseth, That the Said Tobias Lear in consideration of the sum of fourteen hundred Dollars, to him in hand paid by the said George Washington, the receipt whereof he doth hereby Acknowledge, doth hereby give, grant, alien, release, bargain & sell, transfer, convey & confirm unto him the said Washington three whole Shares in the Stock, Canals, Works & Lands belonging to the Potomac Company, which three shares now stand to the Credit of said Tobias Lear in the Books of said Company—on each of which three Shares the full sum of one hundred pounds Sterling money of Great Britain has been paid. To have & to hold the same three Shares to him the said George Washington his heirs & assigns forever. And the said Tobias Lear doth hereby covenant & agree to & with the said Washington that he the said Lear is lawfully seized in fee of the same, and that the full amount of one hundred pounds has been paid on each Share as aforesaid, that he has good right to sell & convey the same in manner aforesaid, and that he will warrant & defend the Same to him the said George Washington, his heirs & assigns forever, against the lawful claims & demands of all persons whomsoever. In witness whereof the parties aforesaid have hereunto set their hands & seals the day & year first written

Tobias Lear

Signed, Sealed & delivered in presence of

George Gilpin

Zachariah Muncaster

R. Hooe

Received, April 10th 1796 of George Washington the within mentioned Sum of fourteen hundred Dollars in full for the within mentioned consideration money.

Witness. Tobias Lear

R. Hooe

George Gilpin

Privately owned.

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