George Washington Papers

To George Washington from John Pierce, 22 February 1797

Virginia James City County Feby 22d 1797.


Inclosed is an Address which by directions I have the honour to transmit to you and flatter my self the sentiments it contains will ever be greatfull to your memory although exhibited only by a small part of your fellow Citizens whos attatchment to your person and Character I hope corresponds with my own which I can with truth assure you Sir is pecular to any language I can express. I am Sir Your truly Affectionate fellow Citizen

Jno. Pierce

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James City County Feby 22d 1797

At a Meeting held by appointment at Mr William Charles’s Tavern in James City County on Wednesday the 22d day of Feby 1797. A number of the inhabitants of the County and other Citizens Assembled in order to celebrate the Anniversary of the birth of their beloved fellow Citizen George Washington President of the United States, after having dined they paraded before the Tavern attended with Music, marched into an adjacent field and there formed a circle, after which the following address was presented which being read and a question taken thereupon was agreed to and John Pierce a Citizen present was requested to transmit a Copy thereof to the president.


This day being the Anniversary of your birth a number of your fellow Citizens have Assembled to celebrate the Auspicious day you were inititated into the world, An event which naturally leads us to contemplate on the great and important services you have rendered your native State and the United States in general.

When we contemplate on this subject, and in particular on your Conduct as Commander in Chief of the American Army during the late revolutionary War, we cannot but conclude you have been the great instrument under the immediate directions of providence to effect a revolution more conspicuous than has ever been effected by any Nations of the world; Added to this are the great and important services you have rendered as Chief Majestrate of the United States. In the former you have excelled in Valour, and in both Stations you have exhibited manifest proofs of Wisdom, prudence, patriotism, firmness and Virtue; In short viewing the whole tenour of your life your conduct has been such as ought to command profound respect from the whole world and in a particular manner to be venerated by every Citizen of your native State and the United States in general.

The Epoch when you are to retire from the toils of public life to the rural shades of a private Citizen has nearly approached, a circumstance much to be regreted by all those who are sincere friends to the Constitution and government under which we live as thereby we shall be deprived of your Salutary aim in the general Councils of America; however when we reflect that you have devoted so many years of your life to the service of your Country, gratitude forbids us to complain of your retirement especially as it is to gratify your own particular desires. You may therefore rest assured it is our fervent prayer that you may experience every blessing the world can afford to make you happy in life and when it is the Will of provedence you are to experience the common fate of human nature you may be translated to the regions of the Celestial world to enjoy the fulest fruition of bliss to all Eternity. And may the present generation of America and all future generations constantly commemorate the happy day that gave you birth.

Jno: Pierce

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