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To George Washington from Samuel Allyne Otis, 8 February 1797

Congress of the United States

In Senate, February the 10th 1797

On motion,

Ordered, that the Secretary of the Senate lay before the President of the United States, a copy of the Journal of the 8th instant, relative to the opening and counting the Votes for President and Vice President of the United States, and the declaration of the President of the Senate consequent thereon: And also to present to the President, a copy of the notification given by the President elect of the time, place and manner of qualifying to execute the duties of his office. Attest,

Sam. A. Otis Secretary

In Senate, Wednesday February 8th 1797.

A message from the House of Representatives by Mr Beckley their Clerk:

Mr President—The House of Representatives are ready to meet the Senate in the Chamber of that House, agreeable to the Report of the joint Committee, to attend the opening and examining the Votes of the Electors for President and Vice President of the United States as the Constitution provides. And he withdrew.

The two Houses of Congress accordingly assembled in the Representatives Chamber, and the Certificates of the Electors of sixteen States, were by the Vice President opened and delivered to the Tellers appointed for the purpose, who having examined and ascertained the number of Votes, presented a list thereof to the Vice President, which was read as follows.

John Adams of Massachusetts Thomas Jefferson of Virginia Thomas Pinckney Aaron Burr Samuel Adams Oliver Ellsworth John Jay George Clinton Samuel Johnston James Iredell George Washington Charles C. Pinckney John Henry
Tennessee 3 3
Kentucky 4 4
Georgia 4 4
South Carolina 8 8
North Carolina 1 11 1 6 3 1 1
Virginia 1 20 1 1 15 3 1
Maryland 7 4 4 3 2
Delaware 3 3
Pennsylvania 1 14 2 13
New Jersey 7 7
New York 12 12
Connecticut 9 4 5
Rhode Island 4 4
Massachusetts 16 13 1 2
Vermont 4 4
New Hampshire 6 6
71 68 59 30 15 11 5 7 2 3 2 1 2


The Vice President addressed the two Houses of Congress as follows.

In obedience to the Constitution and Laws of the United States, and to the commands of both Houses of Congress, expressed in their resolution, passed in the present session, I now declare, that,

John Adams, is elected President of the United States, for four years, to commence with the fourth day of March next; And that Thomas Jefferson, is elected Vice President of the United States, for four years, to commence with the fourth day of March next: "And may the Sovereign of the Universe, the ordainer of civil Government on earth, for the preservation of liberty, justice and peace among Men, enable both to discharge the duties of these Offices, conformably to the Constitution of the United States, with conscientious diligence, punctuality and perseverance."

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