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Notes on Mount Vernon Rooms, 1796


The hieght of Mr Washingtons rooms is from the floor To the Ceiling
feet Inc.
7. 10 1/2

The Size of the windows In west of the Mansion House
feet high Inch
Those below 6 In Number are In higth 6 “ 7 1/2
By 3 feet 1/2 Inch wide all one Size 3” 1/2

The upper windows west side M. house 9 In Number
feet high In. feet width In.
Hight No.1 4" 2 By 3—11—
2 4” 2 1/2 2" 10 3/4
3 3” 10 2" 9
4 3" 10 2" 10
5 4" 2 2 9 3/4
6 3" 10 1/2 2 2[1/2]
7 4" 3 1/2 2" 4 1/2
8 4" 3 2 10[1/4]
9 3" 10 2" 9 1/2

The Size of the New Room Chimney

The hight is Three feet 11 Inches By 4 feet and half an Inch wide

6 windows west Side of the Cellar the Size feet Inch of the frame is from Inside to Inside wide
feet Inch.
2" 3 [1/4]
and one foot one Inch high In the [Clear]

the stone Sills is 2 Inches & a half thick

The wood frame is In thickness 2 [1/2] Inches

Memorandom of the Dimensions of the great Room at Mount Vernon

Of the two Sides That side which fronts the grotto is 31 feet long. The distance between the corners and sides of the window is 9 feet. The window is thirteen feet wide, and runs up from the chair board in that width to within eight inches of the cornice. In the clear, between the chair and wash boards is two feet six inches; which is only interrupted in the whole length by four small pilasters, whos dimensions taken aggregately amount to four feet four inches.

The Chimeny side. In the recess on each side the Chimney the dimensions are equal, each measuring ten feet seven inches, interrupted by a door only, of eight feet three inches in height, and four feet two inches in width. The sides of the Chimney facing the ends of the Room are two feet five inches. The front of the Chimney, between the outer corner and side of the Marble slab, is one foot ten inches both sides. The height of the Mantle Piece from the chair board to the top two foot two inches.

The Ends.

Are 23 feet wide, interrupted above the chair board by the door and window, and below, by the door only. The doors are of the same size as before mentioned. The Window 6 feet 10 Inches high, and 3 feet 8 Inches wide.

Feet Inches F. I.
Between the end corners and end doors is 3 2 Doors 4 2
Between end doors and end Windows is 6 0 Windows 3 8
Between end corners and side doors is 3 11
Between side doors and corners of Chimney 2 7
Between the chair board & cornice is 9 8 1/2


The Brick pavement[s] at the West door, are, between the tiles 5 f. 3 I. by 9 f. 6 I. The tiles are 12 I. square—and a stone margin around them of 6 In: on the outer edge & 9 I: on the inner next the house.

The Venetion window in the new room from the top of the arch to the Chair board is 13 f. 6 I: and to wash board is 3 f: more—From out to out of the arch is 5 f. 6 I. which is the distance also from the centre of one pillar to the centre of the other. The whole width of the wood part, or frame of the window, is 7 f—and from the outer edge to the centre of each pillar 3 f. 8 I. The Cornice above & below may project about 3 I. more. The arch above, is a complete cemicircle—the base of which, and top of Cornice to the Chair board is 9 f. 1 I. and is abt 18 I: below the [   ] cannot be made out—top of the Cornice of the room below the Cove.

From the top of the two smaller (or end windows) to the chair board is 7 feet. and from thence to the wash board is 2 f. 10 I. from the chair board to the lower part of the Cornice of the room is 6 f. 8 I.

The Chimney in the new room from the back to the front of the marble is 2 f. 1 I. The width in front is exactly 4 f. and perhaps 4 I. narrower in the back part. The middle part of the Chimney piece is 9 I: wide—and the 2 ends is 14 1/2 Inches—That is projecting from the Wall.

The hight of the Rooms up staires & garett

feet Inch
the Blue room from floor to Ceiling 8” 2
The room over the Small dining room 8 2
The room the Marques Delafiat Lodged In is 8” 0
The yellow room & some side 8" 0
The Garrit Rooms from floor to Ceiling is 7" 5
the width of the Gate, front of the Lawn is 11" 5
from wall to walls the posts 11 Inch & a half square 11 1/2
the higth of the Back part 4ft 8i. 4" 8
the middle 4ft 3i. 4" 3
The Garden gate from wall to wall is 8" 8
The posts Is Each 9 Inchs the Back of the Gate 4 feet high 4
the middle In hith is 4 6 1/2
The kitching garden gate from wall to wall is 8" 6 1/2
The hith the same as the other
The posts the same size
The Cellar windows 6 In nombr In the west front are of one size 2 feet 7 Inches & a half
In weadth—higth 1 foot 2 Inches to the Sill & the Sill is stone 2 1/2 Inchs from the pavement
north End has one window higth 1 foot 6 1/2 width 2 feet 9 1/2 I.
windows In the south End are 2 Both of a size higth 4" 4 1/2
Width of them is 2" 11


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