George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Ann Welsh, 29 December 1796

New London December 29 1796


I have had the honor to address you when in Private life, you was [   ] to Say as a Private Citizen you could not do anything for me without the appearance of assuming too [   ] your Excellency [   ] [fit to Set] as President, permit me once more to [address] your Excelly [   ] which I am [   ], the high Character you [   ] my [   ] had not necessity [   ] me to make [this] application.

you was pleased to honor me [   ] that Certificate and a [Petition.] I [have] Apply to Congress for the [   ] of the [   ] or a Sum of fifty or Sixty pounds a year that I may Spend the Evening of my days in peace and Quietness. They refuse me [   ] Small a recompense for the loss of a Husband and Brother in whose service both their Lives were Sacrificed—to you alone Sir I look for Justice in the Laws of our Country.

Your Excellency possibly have forgot my Story among the many Scenes in which you have been engaged—my husband Capt [   ] Welsh who Commanded the [   ] in the unfortunate Attack upon the [front] in which he lost his life bravely fighting at the head of them—my Brother Capt. Geo. Hurlbut who commanded a Company of light Horse in Coll Sheldons Regt till in defending a Vessel with Stores in the N. River he receiv’d a wound under which he languished till the 8th day of May 1783, when he expired haveing Sufferd the most excruciating pain beyond the power of Language to express.

I leave it with you Sir to take Such measures as your Heart may dictate to relieve a Widow, whose thanks will be all in her power to return—may the Supreme Disposer of all events render the Journey of life both happy and prosperous, and when you retire from Government may your years be many and Happy, that our Legislature may Appeal to you in Cases of difficulty as the Children of Israel did unto Moses, is the Ardent prayers of your Exys Oblig’d and very Humble Servant

Ann Welsh

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