George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Robert Barnwell, 20 December 1796

Columbia Decem. 20. 1796


No event which has happened to me as Speaker of the House of Representatives of this State. hath given me such satisfaction as that which prescribes me the grateful duty of transmitting, to you the inclosed resolutions of the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina. In doing this I cannot pass by the opportunity of expressing the deep sorrow which I feel at your determination to quit that station—from which you have directed and guarded the prosperity of the United States of America. And permit me respected Sir to add that whilst I contemplate with fearful anxiety. the consequences of this dreaded event. That those circumstances which may effect your future happiness. will be for ever closely interwoven with the dearest and most beloved concerns of—Your Humble & Obedient Servt

Robt Barnwell

Speaker of the house of Representatives

of the State of South Carolina

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December 19th 1796

In the House of Representatives of the State of South Carolina

The President of the United States having announced to his Fellow Citizens his determination to decline a reelection to the important Office of Chief Majistrate; this House cannot behold the Event of his leaving the public Service, which has been long deprecated by his Country, without giving expression to its feeling.

Be it therefore resolved. That the great Merits and disinterested Services of George Washington, President of the United States, have inspired this House with the most lively Feelings of affectionate Attachment and Gratitude to him.

That this House entertaind the most exalted sinse of his great and excellent Character, established on the unperishable Foundations of Virtue, Honor and Talent, long employed in the Service of his Country, and that it will ever cherish the Memory of his Worth with proud affection.

That he carries with him into the retirement he seeks, the ardent wishes of this House for a long and uninterrupted course of Happiness.

Resolved—That the Speaker be requested to transmit to the President this Testimony of public Opinion and respect of his Fellow Citizens.

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