George Washington Papers

To George Washington from John Hoskins Stone, 16 December 1796

Annapolis Decr 16th 1796


I have the honor to enclose to you certain Resolutions unanimously agreed to by both Branches of the Legislature of Maryland—I consider as the most agreeable and honorable circumstances of my life, that during my administering the Government of Maryland, I Shoud have been twice gratified in communicating to you the unanimous and unreserved approbation of my Countrymen of your Public conduct, as well as their gratitude for your eminent services—as this will probably be the last time which this pleasing duty will devolve on me, I beg permission to add most cordially to join my Countrymen in those sentiments which are made with such sincerity—with the highest respect and great regard I have the honor to be Sir Yr Most Obt Sert

J.H. Stone

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BY THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES , December 13, 1796.

RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the President of the United States merits the everlasting gratitude of the people; that his profound wisdom in council, and eminent exertions in the field, aided by the virtue and valour of his fellow-citizens, triumphed over British invasion, and led his country through an arduous war to victory and to happiness; establishing its independnece by a revolution unsullied with a crime, and distinguished for moderation, virtue and humanity. That his wise and steady administration of the general government, promptness in suppressing domestic insurrection, firmness in defeating improper exertions of foreign influence, and perseverance in the system of neutrality, have continued to us those advantages which result from a stable and free government, and have crowned us with the blessings of peace, liberty and prosperity, whilst Europe and the Indies have been convulsed with the horrors of a dreadful and desolating war.

RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That his late paternal address, the result of much reflection and experience, is eminently calculated by its counsels to secure the continuance of the independence, peace, happiness and prosperity of our country, if steadily pursued by his successors, and firmly adhered to by the people; wisely founding the principles of our political conduct on the immoveable basis of morality and justice, aided by the influence of religion, learning and virtue in private life.

RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That to perpetuate this valuable present in the most striking view to posterity, it be printed and published with the laws of this session, as an evidence of our approbation of its political axioms, and a small testimony of the affection we bear to the precepts of Him, to whom, under Divine Providence, we are principally indebted for our greatest political blessings.

RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That it is the earnest prayer of the legislature of Maryland, that the president, in his contemplated retirement, may find all the blessings of domestic happiness, and live to experience the salutary principles of his administration, operating through his successors to encrease the independence, prosperity and welfare of the American people.

By order, W. HARWOOD, Clk

By the Senate Decemr 14th 1796

Read and unanimously assented to

Test Archd Van Horn Clk

J.H. Stone

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