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To George Washington from J.H. Imlay, 15 November 1796

New Jersey House of Assembly, November 15th 1796.

The house of Assembly calling to mind the approaching period, at which the President of the United States has declared his intention of retiring from public to private life, embrace with pleasure this early occasion to express their own, and in their opinion the Sentiments of their constituents, suggested by that approaching event.

Resolved unanimously, That the wisdom, firmness and patriotism of the President of the United States, during his administration, and his faithful and highly important services rendered to the Government of the Union, at the most critical and interesting periods of its existence, have a just claim to the thanks and approbation of this house.

Resolved unanimously, that the late address of the President to the citizens of the United States, is in the opinion of this house, replete with sentiments of political wisdom, truth and justice, and merits our grateful acknowledgement—and while we sincerely regret and lament his determination to retire from the superintendence of the Government of the United States, the anxiety and solicitude which we sensibly and irresistably feel on this occasion, are in some degree diminished, by the hope and expectation, that his Successor in office, will be emulous to imitate his virtues and pursue the wise and wholsome system of politics, which has so conspicuously distinguished his administration, and so effectually secured to us the inestimable blessings of Peace, and the present unparallelled prosperity of our country.

Ordered, that the foregoing resolutions be sent to council for concurrence; and that the Speaker of the house of Assembly, be requested to present a copy thereof to the President of the United States. By order of the house.

J. H. Imlay

Speaker of the

House of Assembly

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