George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 7 December 1786]

Thursday 7th. Mercury at 36 in the Morning—40 at Noon and 36 at Night.

Wind Southerly all day and Weather lowering. In the afternoon it began to rain slowly, & continued to do so I believe through the Night.

Rid to the Ferry, Dogue run & Muddy hole Plantations—also to the Mill, & to the Ditchers—Grubbing at the first place and beating out & cleaning, for house use, Corn at the latter. Gathering in, and husking this at Dogue run.

The Wheat made, and disposition of it at the Ferry is as follow

Made How disposed of
Bushels 245 1/3 Sowed 95 Bls.
Sent to D. Run 20
Ditto to the Mill 130 1/3
245 1/3
Acct. of Rye made at the same place and disposition of it.
Made Disposed of Bls.
Bushels 139 Sowed 25
Do. sent to D. run 28 1/2
Do. to Home Ho[use] 26
Do. to Muddy hole 19 1/2
Given to the Horses 25
Overseers Share 15

At Muddy hole 2 Stacks of Rye of equal size with three remaining have been got out, and disposed of as follows

To Dogue run 52 1/2 Bushls.
Sowed 28
Given to the Horses 24 1/2

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