James Madison Papers

A. G. Gano and Others to James Madison, 13 March 1835

Cincinnati March 13th 1835

Venerable Sir 

On the seventh proximo the native Citizens of Ohio celebrate the Anniversary of her first Settlement in 1788—

The event has not before been commemorated, and the committee of Arrangement for that purpose, have had plenary powers to give it all the moral effect which can be produced by the presence of persons whose commanding agency in redeeming the wilderness of yesterday from its natural uses to the nobler Support of a free people is known and recognized wherever our history has been read.

The institutions of our whole country have received much of their proportion and excellence from your hands, and to your works has the Western Country been especially indebted in the formation of its respective governments. Even the stillness of your retreat, has not prevented a frequent reference to our obligations to you as one of the distinguished characters yet alive who protected our infancy and fostered our riper years; whose services to us can only be acknowledged not repaid—The fullness of your reward is not to be gathered on this Stage of Action; but as far as gratitude can go we hope very soon to be able to discharge our great debt to you—We will regret it more than words can convey if infirmity should prevent you from taking of our hospitality in this City according to the tenor of this invitation at our Approaching celebration. Yours with profound regard

A: G: Gano.

A. N Riddle

Committee on behalf of the Genl Comm. of Arrgts


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