James Madison Papers

Peyton Grymes and Others to James Madison, 28 June 1834

Orange Ct. House June 28th 1834


It has been resolved by a respectable portion of the Republican Citizens of this District, represented by the Hon. John M Patton, in the Congress of the U. States, to give Mr Patton a public Dinner in this Village at the La=Fayette Hotel, on Friday the 11th day of July next.

We have been appointed a committee, on behalf of the meeting, to invite such distinguished Citizens of the Republican Creed as we may think proper—And as we most gratefully recognise in you Sir, in conjunction with the Immortal Jefferson, The Founder, The Father and defender of those great principles of Republicanism for which Virginia has ever contended, and which she has most fondly cherished, and upon the maintenance of which, we verrily believe, alone depends the prosperity and perpetuity of our beloved Union and our Liberties. And although, excitement and ebullition of feeling may have produced some momentary alienation, on an abstract act of the present Executive of the U. States, yet we are rejoiced to witness, that the Citizens of the "Ancient Dominion," have not abandoned one of their fundamental Republican principles—It would be needless Sir, for us to attempt to enumerate the many and important services which you so essentially rendered our Country through a long and eventful public life; And equally needless to recount your exemplary private life and virtues. Sufficient let it be for us to say that in both exalted capacities of a Public Servant and Benefactor and of a private Citizen, your course and career have met our undivided and entire approbation—From these high considerations, we most Respectfully request—that you will honor the proposed occasion with your Company—With most hearty wishes for your health and prosperity We Most Respectfully have the honor of Subscribing ourselves yr friends and Fellow Citizens &c &c

Peyton Grymes

Ambrose Madison

Conway C. Macon

William C. Willis

Mathi. J Welch

James W. Walker

James F. Hill

James B Newman

Daniel Miller

Linn Banks

John Woolfolk


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