James Madison Papers

Samuel A. Storrow to James Madison, 18 February 1828

Farley Feb: 18th ’28

My dear Sir

Your note of the 12th reached me on saturday last. The package to which it refers is safe and has been too long in my hands. It was given to me by Mr Sparks in Boston during the month of october last. I reached my own dwelling in november, & late as it was I was unwilling to forego the hope that I might be the bearer of it myself to montpelier. Unexpected duties called me from home in December & forced me to spend the greater part of January in Richmond. I assign this as reason for not having delivered the package personally; for not informing you that it was in my possession I have no excuse. I say it to my shame.

It is not too large for the mail. Shall I trust it to that conveyance? Certain Gentlemen of the orange bar will found at our Court on the 18th of the next month. Is there any one of them to whom I shall commit it? Failing to receive your orders as to either of these modes I shall put it into the hands of Doctor Winston.

The Ladies beg to be commended to Mrs Madison. Mr Carter & myself unite with them. To yourself we unitedly present our most respectful salutations

S A Storrow

RC (DLC). Docketed by James Madison.

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