James Madison Papers

Nicholas P. Trist to James Madison, 18 January 1828

He continues to live in the Nth Pavilion—Her appartment is in future to be occupied conjointly with one or more of her daughters.

It is positively determined both by herself & every one of her children that they are never again to occupy the same apartment. This arrangement secures almost every thing that was desirable, and makes my continuance here far less necessary. Moreover his disease has very much depressed & mollified him with, however, occasional gleams of his former self.

Have you recd. a visit from a Mr Higginson? Who had a letter to you from Mrs R. He was charged with some india rubber shoes which I took the liberty of ordering for yourself & Mrs Madison, & of which I beg your acceptance. They will enable you to take with impunity many walks which might otherwise have been denied you. The way to treat them is very simple--When too hard, approach them, with care, to the fire; and have them occasionally cleaned with good blacking.

Incomplete RC (ViHi: Nicholas P. Trist Album Book).

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