James Madison Papers

Henry Banks to James Madison, 27 October 1827

Frankfort October 27th 1827

Dear Sir

Having prepared a memorial to Congress relating to events of the revolution, I find it to be proper to forward copies to many characters of the revolution, and to ask statements from them, which I wish to annex in support of the memorial: for this, I have sent one to the chief justice Marshal—one to judge Washington, and one to Col Monroe, and refer them generally to the memorial and to the certificate of Dr Ths A Taylor as to the mode of preparing their statements of facts

Although I have known you many years, I do not think that our acquaintance commenced sooner than the year 1784, though you may have known my brother John Banks much earlier: if so, and you should prepare any statement relating to what I seek to prove you will perceive the manner of doing it by the certificate of Dr Th A Taylor which is printed in pages 32 and 33.

I am sure that Judge Marshal and Colo Monroe were personally acquainted both with my brother and myself 1780, 1, 2, & 3; and if their memories are good, I shall obtain from them what will be sufficient, but it would not have the appearance of candor and a desire of truth, if I were not to make application to you; this I do in the hope that you will as soon as convenient attend to my request Yrs respectfully

Henry Banks

RC (DLC). Docketed by James Madison.

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