James Madison Papers

James Madison to Nicholas P. Trist, 18 March 1827

Mar 18 1827

Dr Sir

It being always somewhat uncertain whether Genl. Cocke will be found at Bremo, or at Charllle., whither he is so often called I trouble you agn. with a letter for him to be properly disposed of as the case may be. The letter being left open for your perusal you will see that Mr. Key has decided on a return to Engd. & that we have to encounter the difficulty of providing a successor. His letter shews that his purpose of resigning had never been relaxed. It is not impossible that his thoughts & hopes may be turned to the London University about to be established. You will observe also what is said to Genl. Cocke & to be sd. to the other Visitors on the subject of gathering the information necessary to the choice of a Sucessor to Mr. Key & including such as may be drawn from the other Engsh. professors. This last source you may yourself have good opportunities of sounding & I hope you will avail your self of them, and in general co-operate with us in gaining the information we need. Have you learnt any thing further of Mr Nuttal? Mr. Key has expressed a very favorable opinion of Hassler’s Trigony. but thinks it less fitted in some respects to be a text Book than that of La Croix translated by Farrar. Hassler’s is how ever much commended in the Amn. Review under the Auspices of Mr. Walsh; and is I understand adopted as a Text Book in the College at Washington, and in another in New York Be so good as to forward the enclosed to Genl Breckenridge

Draft (DLC).

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