James Madison Papers

James Madison to Edward Coles, 13 March 1827

Mar. 13th. 1827

My dear Sir

Since my last P. has written as he promised to his mother, and stated the posture of the dft to pay Nicholls—and that in the hands of Astor in N.Y. I expect to obtain a Credit with the B. in Richmd that will directly meet these demands, so that he need not be detained a moment on their acct. from returning with you. Let us know when we may expect to see you, and previously, with certainty whether he is to be expected with you. Your sudden appearance without him, unless foreknown, wd. be a shock to be avoided. The note of Mr. Peters, appears by a letter from him inclosed by P. to be entitled to 3 or 4. months indulgence from the date named for payment Affecy.

J. M.

I begin to despair of any safe transaction thro. yr. kindness.

RC (NjP: Edward Coles Papers).

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