James Madison Papers

Haym M. Solomon to James Madison, 9 January 1827

38 Pine Street New york. 9 Jany 1827.

My dear Sir

I avail myself of the introduction of a mutual friend (and one who has been joined with me and others in promoting the views of your political cabinet & that of your predecessor) to ask you for such information respecting some of the european individuals who were engaged in various situations in promoting the object of the revolution from 1780 to 81, as I have mentioned below.

My father Haym Solomon was a native of Poland (a countryman & friend of count Pulaski) he died in Philadela about the end of 1784 left no relations in the country, myself not quite a month old, a brother about 5 years old, a young widow, entirely unacquainted with his affairs who with my brother also some time since departed this life

Some gentlemen in Philadela. (he my father dying without a will) took his affairs into their keeping from whom we never obtained anything previous to their bankruptcy & death On a late visit to Philadelphia a person handed to me a few papers & memorandums said to have been left by my fathers chief clerk who had shot himself about the time of the death of Mr Quanick. These papers are a quantity of draft drawn by my father on the bank of N. A. also his bank book shewing that those drafts had been duly paid to the individuals to whom they were payable. The amot seems considerable & the names of the individuals are—

Monsieur Roquerbrune

Monsieur De La Foirey

Chevalier De La Luzern

Don Francisco De Rendon

& the < > of France, also Barbie de Marbois

I was informed you were well acquainted at that time with what the objects of these foreigners were in Phil and that perhaps you might have also known my father and could give me some intelligence of what the relative situation was which these individuals stood to him & our govt.—It appears that notwithstanding those sums to these individuals he had occasionally large balances in specie in the bank tho not at the time of his death

It has been reported to me that before my father left the city of N. York 1778 he had undertaken for congress or some of the generals the accomplishment of some important enterprise—That it was discd by the british general Clinton he was committed for it & sentenced to Military death from which he only escaped by the sacrifice of a large sum in gold and arrived safely in Phil a few days afterwards where he remained till his death which was about 18 months after the peace.

I will fell extremely gratefull for any particulars of this or any other circumstance which may have come to your knowledge regarding him

I trust my dear sir when you see the object of this that you will excuse this intrusion upon the sanctity of your retirement And will accept my gratefull Acknowledgements &c &c

Haym M Solomon

RC (NN). Docketed by JM.

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