James Madison Papers

James Madison to Dolley P. Madison, 8 December 1826

8 Dec. 1826

My dearest. My last was so full that it has left me little to add General Cocke joined on tuesday afternoon which makes up a board, but we are chiefly engaged with the Examinations, which go on very well. I fear it will be impossible to get away before the middle of next week. I need not say how anxious I am to be with you. We have dined every day from home since we arrived except the first & are engaged for every day to come till tuesday next. As the dinners are all male parties, except that of Mr. Blatterman, and the weather &c. prevent ordinary visits I have not yet seen any of the ladies of your acquaintance. I must if I can catch opportunities of calling on them before I leave the University. I have recd the packet from O. C. House, and shall look for another tomorrow which I hope will bring a line from you, which I hope will tell me that you are well and that nothing amiss has occurred. ever & most affectionately yours

J. M.


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