James Madison Papers

James Madison: Notes as Rector of University of Virginia, December 1826


—confided to them. As the result they have the satisfaction to state a marked improvement in the economy of the Institution, & in the habits of the Students; and as a consequence, this in the degree wherein they appear to have availed themselves of the advantages held out by the able professors whose services the University is so fortunate in possessing. On this subject there is little else to wish, than a continuance of the good order which has distinguished the last Session, and the invigorated application promised by the growing taste for the pursuits, to which such strong inducements are here presented, and by the vigilance which there is every ground to expect from the Faculty in giving effect to the prescribed regulations

The remark made on the last Examination is still applicable at this. The only marks of attainment & distinction, as yet conferred, consists in a favorable notice taken of them by the Faculty. It is hoped that at the next examination, the honor of Degrees will in some instances be aspired to.

The first act of the Board was the acceptance of the resignation of Mr. Key the professor of mathematics. Altho’ the vacancy created has by a translation from the Chair of Nat: Phily. been filled in a manner that leaves nothing to desire in the Department of Mathematics, the event cannot but be regretted, as some delay may ensue in restoring the mass of Science & ability which had been collected within the walls of the University.

Fragment (owned by Charles M. Storey, Boston, Massachusetts).

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