James Madison Papers

James Madison to Nicholas P. Trist, 1 November 1826

Montpellier Novr. 1. 1826—

Dear Sir

Your favor of the 28th. having met with delay at our post office, I recd. it too late to look into the papers of accts. &c you were so good as to inclose. I can not but think it will be well that a Statement of what relates to the particular work done since the last Report, and yet to be done, should be made out by the Proctor in a simple form; to be referred to in the report, rather than to swell the report itself with such details. I thank you for your amendment of the introductory paragraph of the draft I sent you, adopted as you will see into the paper now inclosed: which I wish that both Mr. Cabell & Genl. Cocke may be able to see.

The approaching Court, may perhaps furnish the opportunity. I have written to Genl. Cocke to this effect, and Mr Cabell, who I had supposed would be in the lower Country, is soon to be in Nelson county, attending an advertized Sale of property there. The Fiscal part of the Report is allways and justly of peculiar delicasy in his view, and I wish, if possible that it be shaped according to his judgement.

I recollect what your memory has stated, as to his remark in the last evening of our Session; but it does not accord with the other idea, that a discharge of the present debts of the University will render further aid unnecessary to the enlargemt. of its sphere of action.

If you mean by a re-print of the Enactments, the entire Code, your objections to it are conclusive. The questions at present to be decided are how far the late enactments ought to be made public, and in what mode; and whether they are to go with the Report for the Legislature. Precedent seems to require it, but the difficulties you mention seem not to admit it. It will of course make an item in any conversation you may have with the gentleman above named.

I am giving you much more trouble than I could wish, I hope a riper state of things at the University will in future impose less on both of us—We were very glad to hear of the safe arrival of the young ladies with their escort: and surprized that it happened "in good time" considering the late hour at which they left us. We hope the sick party are all again as we wish them to be. With assurances of cordial regard

RC (DLC: Nicholas P. Trist Papers); draft (DLC).

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