James Madison Papers

James Madison to Alexander Scott, 26 August 1826

Montpr. Aug. 26. 1826

Dr Sir

I have read with a just sympathy the view given of your situation in your letter of the 22 brought by the last mail, and regret that I can not fulfill the wish expressed in it. The command of even small sums is difficult with those whose resources are limited to the fruits of agriculture, which for a series of years; in this quarter, have been reduced to one half in amount by unfavorable seasons, & other causes with a like reduction of value in the market; to which might be added the impossibility of finding purchasers for property of any other sort. If the partial compliance with your request which is enclosed,* should contribute in any manner to your relief, it will be so far a gratification to me With friendly respects &c

*$35 t.o.

J. M

Draft (DLC).

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