James Madison Papers

E. Callender to James Madison, 12 June 1825

Boston June 12 1825

Resped Friend,

Since writing you, which has been many months past, I have been through a World of Fatigue both night & Day: I have the charge of five Ledgers belonging to the Store of J P Bradlee Butlers Row., a man who has accumulated by Industry, united with good Fortune, a very Large Property; being up late, at my private writings, & Drawings, both united together, has caused greate Sicnes fatigue I hope you will conceive this apology, Just, and construe it to neglect or inattention. I should have been much gratified, had I a reply from you, of my last various writings, and am much disapointed—The only Letter I have received from you, was in answer to the one wrote you, on the cultivation of the olive Tree. I will Still have charity for you, it is very possible you might have wrote me, and your Letters have miscarried, altho’ my Silence has had a long Sleep, it has awoke with the Same Esteem, & Friendship for you, & Family as before; you will please except a leafe from the Sensitive Plant, in form of a Fish, it being So appropo to the Oil Business, I have made Phsick of it, among many other < >igures you will See the properties of it, by a printed descriptio<n> which the Same is enveloped in—for a Lady place it lengthways in the hand, and for a Gentleman the right hand, being contra to a Ladys left, when taken from Each persons hand, let it remain one or two momen<ts> untill it is relived from the warmth of the hand, or you may put it between the leaves of a Book—I conceive it will afford you, and your acquaintance much amusement——I must acquaint you of an easy and cheap mode, of obtaining the knowled<ge> where you can find a Spring of Water, dig a hole, the width of your arm, and the length from hand to the Shoulder, Smooth the Earth at the bottom, and insert there in 1 once of Quicksilver, let it remai<n> from twenty four to thirty hours, place over the top of the hole, a Secur <even> from rain, Slate, wood, or any thing else, which may answer the purpose, So that the rain may not mingle with the Quicksilv<er> if there is a Spring of Water, the Quiksilver will disend, if not, it will remain the Same as when placed therein:—I am now drawing to a close, permit me in remembrance, which shall dayly occur, with a full tide of most respected < > and esteem: it is to the execeptance of you & fami<ly> may him that rules the destiny of Worlds, guard, and keep you all, in Health & happiness, So let be Ame<n> Except me your friend &c &c

E Callender

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM.

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