James Madison Papers

Documents re: revising old Federal system, December 1824


Documents re: revising Old Federal system

Documents shewing causes of revising the old federal System.

See Merits of genl <reversal> a fedl Syst: in Old Congs <1>782

Circular letter from Boston <...> soon after the peace.

Letters of J. M. to Genl Washington Novr. 11. 1785

proposed meeting at Annapolis Decr. 9. 1785

at Richmond Recommendations of a Meeting agrd. to Novr. 8. 1786

See Debates of O. Congs. No. IV. Remark of Genl. McDougle to <Grand Come.>

See Do. No. XIII Apl. 1. 1783

<printer’s fist> partial Convention to aid Congs. &c in N. Engd. & N.Y. and a General Convention—to strengthen the federal Constitution

see Introduction to Culver Edition of Ls. of U.S.

see Mr. Stephenson Speech in Natl. Gaz. Feby. 7. 1824.

letter to J. M. from R. H. Lee in 1784

<Do>. from E. Randolph to House of Deleg. 178<7>

Letters of J. M. to Monroe Randh. Jefferson &c

-to Mr Pendleton

see What passed in Congs. Feby. 21. 1787 as noted by J. M.

relative to <July> convention recommended from Annapolis

see Deb. for Genl. <...> Wade Virga. Leg. 1784

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