James Madison Papers

James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, 10 September 1824

Montpellier Sepr. 10. 1824

Dear Sir

On the rect. of yours of Aug. 8. I turned my thoughts to its request on the subject of a Theological Catalogue for the Library of the University; and not being aware that so early an answer was wished, as I now find was the case, I had proceeded very leisurely in noting such Authors as seemed proper for the Collection. Supposing also, that altho’ Theology was not to be taught in the University, its Library ought to contain pretty full information for such as might voluntarily seek it in that branch of Learning, I had contemplated as much of a comprehensive & systematic selection as my scanty materials admitted; and had gone thro the five first Centuries of Xnity, when yours of the 3d. instant came to hand which was the evening before the last. This conveyed to me more distinctly the limited object your letter had in view, and relieved me from a task which I found extremely tedious; especially considering the intermixture of the doctrinal & controversial part of Divinity with the metaphysical & moral part; and the immense extent of the whole. I send you the list I had made out, with an addition on the same paper, of such Books as a hasty glance at a few catalogues, & my recollection suggested. Perhaps some of them may not have occurred to you and may suit the blank you have not filled. I am sorry I could not make a fair copy, without failing to comply with the time pointed out.

I find by a letter from Fayette, in answer to a few lines I wrote him on his arrival at N. Y. that he means to see us before the 19th. of Ocr. as you have probably heard from himself. His visit to the U.S. will make an Annus Mirabilis in the history of Liberty. Affectionately yours.

James Madison

Cent:y I

Clement Epistes. to the Corinthians–published at Cambridge 1788

Ignatius Epists ...... Amsterdam 1607

[Printer’s Fist] Coteliers Recueil de Monumens des peres dans les tems apostoliques Edit par Le Clerc Amsterdam 1724. 2v. fol.

Flavius Josephus (in English by Whiston) Amsterdam 1726. 2v. fol.

Philo Judaeus (Greek & Latin) English Edn. ........1742. 2v fol.

Lucian’s Works....... Amsterdam 1743. 3 v. 4o.

Fabricius Bibleo: G<reek>:

..........Delectus &c. Moshm v. 1 p. 106

Cent. II

Justin Martyrs apology &c. (Edited by Prudent Marand Benedictine) 1742 1. v. fol.

Hermias .... Oxford 1700--8o.

Athenagoras .... Oxford 1706--8o.

Clemens Alexandrinus (Ed. by Potter) Oxford 1715. 2 vol. fol.

Tertullian ..... Venice 1746. 1 v. fol.

Theophilus of Antioch (first adopted the term Trinity) ...1742 1 v. fol.

Irenaeus (Ed. by Grabe) 1702. 1 v. fol.

Tatian–agst. the Gentiles....Oxford. 1700. 8o.

Ammonius Saccas i Harmony of the Evangelists–

Celsus (translated par Bouhereau) Amsterdam 1700 4o.

Cent. III

Minertius Felix (translated by Reeves.) Leiden 1672. 8o.

Origen 4 vol fol. Grec & Latin

Cyprian (translated into French by Lambert) 1 v. fol.

Gregory Thaumaturgus--Grec & Lat. 1626. 1 v. fol.

Arnobius Africanus Amsterdam 1651. 1. v. 4o.

Anatolius Antwerp 1634. 1 v. fol.

Methodius Eubulius Rome 1656 8o.

Philostratus’ life of Apollonius Tyranaeus Grec & Lat. with notes by Godefroy Olearius Leipsic. 1709 1 v. fol: Frenched by DeVigenere Englished in part, by Chs. Blount

Cent. IV

Lactantius Edit by Longlet Paris 1748 2 v. 4o.

Eusebius of Cesana

Athanasius par Montfauçen 1698. 3 v. fol

Antonius’ (founder of the Monastic Order) seven letters &c Latin

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Pacianus. Paris 1538. 4o.

Basil (B. of Caesaria) Gr. & Lat. 1721. 3 v. fol

Gregory (of Nazianza) Gr. & L.) Paris 1609-11 2 v. fol

_______ (of Nyssa) 1615. 2 v. fol.

Ambrosius .............. Paris 1690. 2 v. fol.

Jerome .........Paris 1693-1706. 5. v. fol.

Ruffinus ......Paris 1580. 1 v. fol.

Augustin........1679-1700. 8 v. fol.

Chrysostom John Gr. & L. ........ 10. v. fol.

Ammianus Marcellinus

Julian’s works

Cent: V

Sulpicius Severus. Verona 1754 2 v. 4o.

Isidorus (of Pelusium) Paris 1638. Gr. & L. 1 v. fol.

Cyril (of Alexa.). Gr & L. 6 v. fol.

Orosius Leyden 1738. 4o

Theodoret. Edit. by Pere Simond. G & L. 1642. 4 v. fol. in 1684. Vol V. by Garnier

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Vincentius Lyrinensis Rome. 4o.

Socrates’ Eccles. History

S Zozoman. do. do.

Leo (the great). by Quesnel Lyons 1700. fol.

Aeneas (of Gaza) Gr. with Latin version by Barthius &c. 1655. 4o.



Thomas Aquinas (Docr. Angelicus) Head of the Thomists. 12 v. fol.

The Koran. Duns Scotus (Doctor Subtilis) Head of the Scotists. 12. v. fol

Caves Lives of the Fathers. Dailles use & abuse of them.

Erasmus, Luther, Calvin, Socinus, Bellarmine, Chillingworth

Council of Trent by Fr. Paul, by Palavicini; by Basnage.

Grotius on the truth of Xn Religion. Sherlock’s (Bishop) Sermons. Tillotsons. &c.

Tillemont. Baronius. Lardner.* Hookers Ecclesiastical Polity. Pierson on the Creed.

*with life by Kippis 1788

Burnet on 39 Articles. Pascal’s lettres Provinçales. do. Pensèes

Fenelon Bossuet. Bourdaloue. Sauren. Fletcher. Manillon. Warburton’s Divine Legation.

Hannah Adam’s—View of all Religions

Stackhouses. Hist. of the Bible

Sr. Isaac Newtons works on Religious subjects

Locke’s do. Stillingfleets controversies with him on the possibility of endowing matter with thought.

Clarke on the Being & Attributes of God

_______ Sermons.

Butler’s Analogy. Eight Sermons at Boyles’. Lectures by Bentley.

Whitby on the 5 points

Whiston’s Theological Work<s>.

Taylor. (Jeremiah) Sermon’s.

John Taylor (of Norwich) agst. original Sin. {Edwards’ in {answer.

{Edwards’ on free will

{________ on Virtue

Soame Jonyn’s Enquiry into the nature & origin of evil

Liturgy for King’s Chapel Boston.

Mather’s Essays to do good. Price on Morals.

Wallaston’s Religion of Nature delineated

Barclay’s Apology for Quakers. Wm. Penn’s works.

King’s Enquiry into the Constitution discipline & worship of the Church, within 3 first Centy.

King (Wm.) Essay on Origin of Evil; notes by Law. Wesley on Original Sin.

Priestley’s & Horseley’s controversies

Historical View of the Controversy on the intermediate state of the Soul by Dean Blackburne

The Confessional by same.

Jone’s method of settling the Canonical Scripture of N. Testt

Leibnitz on Goodness of God, liberty of man, & origin of evil.

Paley’s Works. Warburton’s principles of Nat. & Revd. Religion

Blair’s Sermons. Buckminsters (of Boston) 2o.

Necker’s importance of Religion

Latrobe’s (Benjamin) Doctrine of the Moravians

Ray’s wisdom of God in the Creation

Durham’s Astrotheology.

Bibliotheca fratrum Polonorum 9 vol. fol. (

The Catalogue of Eastburn & Co. New York, particularly the Theological part at the end, deserves attention. Some rare books are found in it, and might probably be bought at cheap prices.

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