James Madison Papers

Richard Henry Lee to James Madison, 6 March 1824

Philadelphia March 6th ’24

Dear Sir,

Since my arrival, in this City, where I am engaged in the publication of my Memoir, I have been honoured by the receipt of your very kind & friendly letter—I am gratified by the terms, in which, you speak of Richard Henry Lee; but regret, that you were not possessed of sufficient personal knowledge of him, to enable you, to give me a sketch, which would have graced the Memoir of his Life

It has been two years, since I looked over, the Mss, of my Gr. father; when I put to themselves, these letters of distinguished men, which I thought, could not possibly give offence to any one. When I took the liberty of writing to you, I had not reached the Virginia Correspondence, from the year ’80—I had then supposed from my recollection, that I had laid out, with a view to their use, five of your letters; but I find only two, which I now ask, the favour of you, to permit me, to publish—I send them, for your inspection, and beg the return of the originals—My G.father’s letters to you, I have copies of; they will appear in the "Body of Correspondence"; which will accompany the Memoir.

It would have afforded me great gratification to have been enabled to call, in person, on you—I hope yet to enjoy the honour of an acquaintance, with you—Be pleased, Dear Sir, to excuse the freedom, I am taking, in thus trespassing on your time—I am with great respect Your obliged & humble St.

Richard Henry Lee

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM.

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