James Madison Papers

George Joy to James Madison, 4 February 1824

LONDON No 12 Paper Buildings, Temple 4th Febry 1824.

Dear Sir,

This paper has met with an accident, but I cannot find a new one. They are all bought up; which is not unfrequently the case on the opening of Parliament. It has led my eye however to an Article, which I should not have noticed, after reading through the Debates. I think I wrote you some time ago of little Moore’s Conversion—whether this is from himself or not I have not yet learned; neither have I ever seen the Review to which it refers. Some of my friends would have me take up the Cudgels against the Revilers—particularly the quarterly; but I refer them all to "England & America" in one of the numbers of the North American Review, after which I think silent Contempt is the best antidote to their poison. I hope you will be satisfied with Lord Lansdown & Mr Brougham in the passages I have marked; and remain very respectfully, Dear Sir, Your friend & Servt

G. Joy.


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