James Madison Papers

James Madison: List re Genl. Jackson controversy

1. The date of the assignment of Genl. Jackson to District No. 7.

2. date of Genl. Harrisons resignation & of its receipt. at the War Dept

3. The letter from War Dept to Genl. Jackson communicating his appt. of Brigadier, & with Brevet rank of Majr. Genl. till a vacancy of Majr. Genl. sd occur in the line.

4. Letter from same to same transmitting the Commission of Majr. Genl. to Jackson

5. Any other letters from War Dept. to Jackson connected with those subjects.

6. & 7 The several letters from Genl. Jackson answering those to him, or connected wth those subjects.

8. National advocate No. -- N.Y. by Mr. Wheaton containing anonymous (by Gen. A) paper relating to Battle of Bladensbg. & capture of Washington

9. do No --a variant acct. of thereof.

Draft (DLC). {Also, see note in folder]


James Madison: Causes of innovation in Language

1. The taste for metaphorical terms, which gradually assume a simple & direct meaning.

2. Fashion as in dress which exchanges Old terms & phrases for new, as the old descend into common use.

3. Imitation of peculiarities in Individuals, objects of admiration or attachment.

4. Euphony & abbreviation, which are constantly modifying words.

5. New objects & ideas which in the progress of knowledge call for new terms & phrases. Things which can not now be expressed in the dead languages, wd. have produced innovations, if made known to them when living ones.

6. The adoption from dead or foreign languages, of substitutes for words & expressions become immodest or offensive by vulgar use. May not the apparent grossness of the language in ancient writers, particularly the poets, proceed from the literal translations now given: when in reality they may have been substitutes veiling in some degree the ideas associated with words or phrases of more vulgar use.


Draft (DLC). Also see the pencil date: "May 25 1824".

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