James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Lewis Condit, 10 March 1816

House of Reps. March 10. 1816


Having learned that the office of Accountant of the Navy Dept. is vacant, permit me to ask Your attention in behalf of my esteemed friend Bernard Smith of New Jersey, as a person worthy the appointment. His employment formerly under your own eye, in the State Dept., renders it unnecessary for me to say anything concerning his qualifications or morals.

In New Jersey he has always been the worthy and upright Citizen--the uniform Republican--the zealous supporter of the character and measures of the Government. He lost one beloved & promising Brother in the field were Covington fell, and another gathered laurels in the Mediterranean with the gallant Decatur, both of whom were brought into their Country’s service by this their elder Brother. If consistently with other considerations, you can confer this appointment upon him--as a Jerseyman, I shall feel gratified, and I believe it may be truly said that our little State, has neither claimed nor enjoyed any large share of public honors or emoluments.

(signed) Lewis Condit

We cheerfully concurr with our colleague, in the above recommendation of Mr. Smith, as a Candidate for the office of Acct. of the Navy Dept.

(signed) Th. Ward

H. Southard

E. Bateman

DNA: RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.

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