James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Wyley, 27 February 1816

Feb. 27. 1816

To the president of the United States

The Under signed Respectfully sheweth that they are Inhabitants of the Counties of Rowane and Blount in the state of Tennessee

and that they live on the Northern boundries of the Cherokee Nation; they feel it their duty to make known to your Excellency the Many Inormites, thefts, Robberes, and varies deprodations; commited on their property, and the property, of their Borders.

The whites were strangers to such deprodations, & Inormities, when people were prohibited from settling or Intermixing among the Indians. But now a free spirit of Toleration prevails, the Nation affords a sanctuary for Ruffonous Vagabonds, refegees from Justice who are Inimical to Law, order, Industry, and civil Government. We have long laboured under sundry distresses of this nature hoping that the Agent of that Nation possessed the power of removing those Existing causes. But we have now fully assertained that if he possessed the power he did not possess the Inclination. In behalf of order Industry and civil Government we the Under signed In compliance with the General Request of the Most respectable of our frontier Citizens submit to the Consideration Judgement & wisdom of your Excllency the propriety of appointing some fit person as assistant Agent with power to call upon the Milita to Act as a Corps in removing all persons from off the Indian Land who are not other wise regularly Authorised By Government to live on said land; and that such a Company be allowed a reasonable compensation for the several days which they may be in such services. Thus with Hopes of reasonable success we subscribe our selves Voteries to your Adminestiration.

James Wyley Cnr.

James Wyley Jnr.

James Hall

John Hall

Robt. Wier

James J. Green

George Alexander

Charles Grigsby

James Grigsby

Samuel Grigsby

⟨Ebron Byrce⟩

John Franks

John Foshee

Henry Franks

Wm. Greenway

Mr William G. Blount Esq.

Is respectfully requested By his friends to forward this Memmorial to his Excellency the President and to Nominate Mr. John Browder or Mr. George Allexander as fit for the purpose of Taking charge of a Company for that Business &c.

DNA: RG 75—Letters Received by the Office of the Secretary of War relating to Indian Affairs.

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