James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Faulkner, 1816


We the undersigned members of the Legislature of Kentucky do cordially recommend Robert Trimble Esqr. to the President of the United States, as a proper person to fill the office of district judge of the United States, for the District of Kentucky. He once filled a Seat on the bench of the Supreme court of this state for Some time; and resigned the office on account of the inadequate compensation attached to that office. Since that period he has been twice commissioned as judge of the same court, and on one of those occasions cheif justice of the State, which he declined to accept for the same reasons that occasioned his resignation in the first instance. From these proofs of the confidence of the State in him; and from his known character for integrity and talents, particularly those of a judicial nature, we have no hesitation in declaring it as our opinion that his appointment to the office for which we recommend him would be more congenial to the feelings and sentiments of the People of this State, than any other Candidate for that office.

John Faulkner

Thomas M ⟨   ⟩

Francis Lee

Isaac Holman

⟨   ⟩ Lea

Isaac Cunningham

Josephus Perrin

Wm. McMillan

John S Pitman

Wm. Clark

Jas. Niall

Herman Bowman

Ben: South

James Ford

⟨   ⟩ A Neely

Richard Taylor Jnr.

Jas. Garrard Jnr.

David White Jr.

Thos M. Price

Wm. Adams

Saml. Maccom

David Thomson

An H Bartlett

J. G. Birney

C R Smallwood

Herm. Chapline

William Grundy

Matthew Wilson

Wm Hardin Jnr

Thos G. Harrison

L C Sharp

Ben W Reeves

Anthony S. Quilliam

M. Davidson

Saml: Shepard

Liberty Green.

James Chambers

Richard Reade

James Armstrong

Philip White

Thomas B Monroe

Moses Cummins

Wm: Wood

Humphrey Jones

Archibald Woods

William Ewing

W Cook

L B Smith

C⟨   ⟩dus Turner

Samuel Todd

David C. Roane

Stephen Teigs

Benjamin Eggleston

James Parks

Jas W. Clark

W B Blackburn

James Robison

Francis Ward

Hubbard Taylor

Tho. Stevenson

Saml. Stevenson

John Jameson

Alexander Lackey


Robert Ewing

Benjamin Davis

Morgan Hopson

James H Myers

Robert Gilman

Jas Hunter

John Yountis

Danl. Garrard

B. Wills

John G illegible>

William Goode

William ⟨   ⟩

Thomas ⟨   ⟩

Francis H Gaines

Wm. K Wall

Richard Barbour

Jno. H Slaughter

Hiram Janes

John L. Hickman

Saml: South

James Mason

Moses Wickliffe

Benjn Duncan

John Mercer

I think Mr. Trimble well qualified for the Duties of District Judge. His appointment woud. Gratify Me, and I believe woud. be grateful to the people of this state.

John Rowan

James Lewis

Robt: ⟨   ⟩ Hatton

⟨   ⟩ Garrison

Paul J Booker

Granville Bowman

Nathan Gaither

John Lancaster

William P. Fleming

DNA: RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.

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