James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Sinclair, 1 November 1815

32 Sackville Street London
1st: November 1815


Having had the honor of corresponding with your illustrious predecessors, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, when they presided over the Councils of America, I am happy in this opportunity of commencing a literary correspondence with the present respectable President of the United States; and of communicating to him the plan of a work, which perhaps may be of some use to the inhabitants of a country, whom I have always viewed with sentiments of paternal regard

My agricultural enquiries being now compleated, I have resolved to publish an abstract of the information which Europe possesses regarding death and longevity: and I am extremely anxious to have that work well known in America. A plan for that purpose is to be carried into effect by Mr: James Cunningham of Maryland, which I hope you will be pleased to patronize.

Permit me to take this opportunity of requesting your acceptance of a paper in French, which explains the statistical circumstances of Scotland; together, with an engraving of Francis, Duke of Bedford, my particular friend, who was one of the most celebrated agriculturists of which this country has to boast. I have the honor to be with respect, Sir your faithful and obedient Servant.

John Sinclair.

(N. B.) I also inclose a sketch of the Chapter of the Customs and habits which influence death, which will explain the manner in which the work I am now engaged in, is drawn up.

Privately owned.

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