James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Barnett Boling, 17 September 1815

The 7th. day ⟨   ⟩ Fort Washington

Honerable Sir,

My sittuation compels me to troble your honer with a few lines hombley beging your atention there unto. Sir I hope your goodness will forgave me if there be any impropriety in making application to you in a case of this sort. Sir I am so unhapy & have been treated with such injustice, that I am a bliged to look up to you & for protection. In time of the war on the fifth of May 1814 I went forward and ofered my Services to inlist during the war, but the officer to whome I aplied Said I had beter inlist for five years or during the war he said if I inlisted that way--if the war Should end at any time I Should be dischargd. I did not wish to be a soldier in a peace establishment but felt wiling to render my Services on behalf of my country when in time of danger--but it apears though peace is made I still have to Serve--and our wages reduced also Sir I have a dear helpless famiely who are suffering in a distant country for my asistance--at least forehundred & fifty miles from me. Sir in this case if you will be so good as to take consideration in this my case and releave me from the armey I will willingly gave up all claims against the united States whatever. my wife and two little children are in a straing country far distant from any relation also I have been informed by a leter from my wife that times are very harde in that country and the thoughte of my famielys Suffering is a heart twisting thing to me--it apears there is more men in the Service then is wanting. young men who have no charges are continuely geting dischargd and I hope and flater myself Sir you will take my case in consideration and have me dischargd It is all I crave.

Sir I conclude resigning my case to your discretion I am Sir you most humble Soldier &c

Barnett Boling
a private of 10th U. S infantry
at fort Washington

DNA: RG 94--Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General.

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