James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Andrew Glassell, 28 August 1815

Torthornuald 28 August 1815

Dear Sir.

I have wished much for to have Seen you & your family, but I have been some times this summer afflicted in body, but all in mercy, I have been delt with. My dear sir how Glad I am that you have put an end to a distructive war. I hope you & me will never see any more of it our land, for it is shurley a havey Judgement to any land where it is, & I looked upon it as a scurge upon us for we deserved it or it would not been sent us. When the Lords Judgment is abroad on the earth, it is sent for to lern us rightousness. I was very Glad you apointed a day of thanksgiving for the returns of peace to our land. I understand that their is a vacancy for a Councel in St. Domigo, & their is a particular freind of mine Mr John Johnston of Baltimore: he is of a very Good famely & I hope you will find him qualifyed for the business He has been often at that Island, but, I do not know if he ever residid any time their. He desired me for to write you upon the Subject, & if you should See fit to apoint Mr. John Johnston the place, I will take it as a favour from your old friend. Pleas to present all our most Cordal Compts. to Mrs. Madison, not forgetting our worthy old friend your mother. I have much to say but most refer it untill .. if it should pleas God we should ever meet here, & my dear Sir with much esteem I remaine your most Humble Sert

Andw. Glassell

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