James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Andrew Jackson, 14 August 1815

1815 ca. August 14


Genl John Coffee, and Major John Reed of the U States army My aid de camp, having both been recommend for the appointment of receiver of Publick money, for the lands (whenever sold) ceded by the creek nation by the late treaty to the U States--that these two Gentlemen may not come on competition with each other--I have to request, that you will be pleased to confer the appointment of Register of the land office for that Section of Country, on Major Reed. Many Gentlemen have been (I have no doubt) recommended for that office, none of whom let there merits be what the sic may; have greater pretensions from merit than Major Reed. He has from the commencement of the creek war been with me. He has sufferred all the privations incident to that campaign. He intends retiring from the army to private life. He has a small & amiable family to support--and his talents there greatest prospect. His services, his probity and fitness, when we Veiw his wants ought to give him preferrence. This Gift is in your power. In bestowing it on Major Reed--you do ample Justice to your Government & serve a brave honest & meritorious man who has rendered ample services to his country in the late trying Struggle for our rights & Independence as a nation against the Tyrany & oppression; of great Britain.

You have lent your aid to the object of there supply. I am without advice as to the fate of the preliminaries to the treaty of Fort Jackson I intend to Vissit the city between this and the meeting of Congress, when I will be able to answer you on this particular and which will afford me much pleasure in doing.

Your letter of the 27th. of February from the confluence of Flint and the Nollohoche never reached me. I am respectfully, and with my best wishes for your personal happiness & that of your family yr. mo ob, Serv,

Andrew Jackson

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