James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Carter Tarrant, 25 July 1815

New-orleans July 25th. 1815

Worthy Sir

I have had some unusual struggles in mind on the subject of wrighting to you--my pride presents to my view the following obstacles--

First. my Inferiority--of Birth & Nation.

Secondly--a want of Irradiation

Thirdly--Being so bad a Scribbler

Fourthly-- = an entire Stranger &c &c

But the succeeding considerations gave me a victory over the above obstacles

First--I would be wrighting to a Man of like passions with my-self

Secondly--I should wright to a Man of sense--who knows how to sympathize with his fellow-men

Thirdly--I would be wrighting to the Father (& not the Tyrant) of the United States

Fourthly--I would be wrighting to Philanthropys.

Haveing obtained the above vitory--I proceed to inform you Sir--that I am the same Carter Tarrant whom you appointed Chaplain to the southern Army. In obedience to your order I imediately repaired to New-orleans & commenced Preaching to the Troops--which I keep up every Sunday. I dont like my station oweing to the exorbitant prices of the place which devours all my Salary. How-ever I am willing to make some Sacrifice (poor as I am) to the Country that has given me birth & protects my Life, my liberty: Property: Character: yea my all: Had I the wings of a Dove, & the riches of a Sollomon--I would viset & preach to every Garrison in the U. States, but Situated as I am, I can viset but a few. I am Sir: a Baptist preacher--49 years of age: 29 of which I have devoted to the Ministry & hard Labour on my Farm. Finily I gave up my farm (haveing no one to work it but my-self) & commenced shiping produceto N-orleans. By this adventure I lost 6 Boats! which placed me in a Sittuation experienced by but few & envyed by none--but amidst all my disquietude of mind, I have the consoleing thought that I never ronged a man out of one cent.

My Dr Sir: will you stoop so low as to send your unworthy Admirer a line. The sarcher of Hearts knows I love my President his Name is music in my ears He therefore reigns over my Heart as well as my head.

I Love my President because he is a Man of Firmness

I Love my President because there is not Gold enough in South-America to buy him

I love my President because he is a Republican

I Love my President because his guardian Eye Surveys & protects our rights from the Machinations of British Barbarians!! & their Savage allys!!!

I Love my President because he is a Ceaser in war & Solomon in Peace

I Love my President--because &c &c &c &c

And I hope God Loves him & when his great & unparalleled! services are over & he goes the way of all the Earth that the Lord will take him to him-self

I am Great Sir--yours most respectfully

Carter Tarrant

"The President is requested to read the gratitude of the Revd. Carter Tarrant as expressed in his letter; this is the sentiment of the virtuous in the West; the ⟨   ⟩ to malcontents to the contrary notwithstanding. If a Chaplain should be retained in the south Tarrant is the only one I know of. If it would not be asking too much of the President I would solicit the continuance of this good man in office who is patriotic and virtuous but poor and needy."

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