James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Robert Pendegras, 17 July 1815

Buffalo July 17th. 1815

Honoured Sir

I take the Liberty to address myself to your honour with the following Lines as an Unfortunate Soldier though I regret that I am not Sufficient Capable enough to make use of the Language which a man of your Capacity Ought to be addressed with. I shall now relate to your honour my Grievances under which I have Laboured for this few years past, I have Enlisted in the regular Service in June 1812 as a regular Soldier for Eighteen month and have Served and done Duty as the Same for Several months, but unfortunatly I was taken Sick and left behind when Capn. Hawkins under whom I have Enlisted marched to Salisbury and Fort Thomson, and on the recovery of my health I Joined the 20th. Regt. an applied for my money Due me for my time was Expired. Colonel Clinch told me that I was Entitled to the Same, and that he would See in to it. In the mean time, as a Soldier who Was faithfully for his Country and wishes to fight for the Same, I again Enlisted in the 20 Regt. under Capn. Cloud for the terms of five years under the act of $124’ dollars Bounty that was in the year 1814, in that regiment I have Suffered the fatigues of War, which Could be prove by Major Langham who is disbanded, Colonel Clinch is absent from our regiment, and I dont now to who to apply for my wrights Due me at the time I have Servd for Eighteen Months, I have therefore taken the Liberty to write this few Lines to your Honour, who is the proper person to See into the Unfortunate Soldiers wright, I at present belong to Capn. Clays Company 10 Regt. Under the Command of Lieutt. Irvin who is retained in the army. Now Honourable Sir if you have any Compassion on a Soldier who has fought for his Country I dont doubt but what you will write on to the Commander of my Regt. in which manner I am and Shall receive my money already Due me for this 2 years past. All I have received at that time was $6. and Some Cents I hope Sir you will Excuse my writing to you and that parhaps in a manner not Sufficiently Expressed. I have wrote according to my abilities and as I have wrote nothing but the truth I dont doubt but what I Shall get my Money Due me As soon as possible I remain Honourable Sir with high respect your Most obedient Servant a Soldier Under your Command

Robert Pendegras

N.B. When I Elisted it was in the artillery Company under Captn. Hawkins

DNA: RG 94--Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General.

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