James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Alexander J. Dallas, 15 July 1815

15 July 1815.

Dear Sir,

Major O’Connor’s curious paper is certainly very ill calculated to promote his views. After way-laying me at my lodgings, at the Treasury &c for a month, he wrote me a letter on Saturday night, which I delivered to Mr. Graham, with a request that it might be sent under a cover to you. On Sunday morning, I told the Major that I had done so; but that I was satisfied you would not take the subject of supplying vacancies into consideration at this time. The Major has made an extravagant use of a little civil conversation; and I presume he will soon join the Committee of denunciation at New-York.

I almost regret that I left you and Mr. Monroe, as I might have assisted to hasten your departure for the mountains. I hope you will not protract your stay at Washington, so long as to endanger your health. The expectation of the return of our Commissioners has been sufficiently indulged; and, when they arrive, they should follow you to Virginia. I can gain no credence here, when I declare that you have no direct intelligence from Mr. Gallatin and Mr. Clay; and there is a strong suspicion abroad, that we shall have a Commercial treaty.

The only point of business, which I left unfinished at Washington, is the answer to Genl. Jackson; but this will, I hope, be ready to send to you by Monday’s mail. I am, Dr. Sir, Most respectfully & faithfully Yrs.

A. J. Dallas

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