James Madison Papers

To James Madison from William W. Love, 12 July 1815

Fort Johnson South Carolina July the 12th. 1815

Dear Sir

I as one of your Humble subjects Have persumed to make known to you my Greavences a Soldier of the 18th. Regt. of United States Infantry under the Command of Capt William C Taylor in this Habour And the respect he pays to his Soldiers is I Believe Satisfactory to them every one But there Certain ⟨   ⟩ impositions on the Soldiers From Some quarter and from what Source it rises I am not able to ascertain There has ben men in The Service at this place Two and twenty Months and have never Receivd any pay Untill a few Days ago and then not But a part of their pay and this certainly is Contrary to the Regulations made by our Free and independant Goverment and Sancioned By your excellancy they have paid them But one half of their Bounty When enlisted and promissed the Balance when they form the Regt Which they have faild to Do and have faild in all their promisses which they have made In allmost every instantt to the Disgrace of the Declared independance of the united States goverment has Constituted us free Men and has provided for us to receive our pay every two months and our Bounty one half When we inlist and the other when we form The Regt we have Volentarily Sold our freedom For these promisses We have left our fathers Mothers Sisters and Brothers and some their Wives and Children and this Done in the Extremity of war when the gun Scalping Knife and hachett was active on the frontier Displaying their Savage Barbarity on Greate and Small and his magestys Ships Swarming round our Shores threattning Us with Dessolation this was what enduced me to enlist But now every Faculty of my Soul mourns Deprived of the Benefit of Society and one Volley of oaths after another Salutes My eares and Knowing you to Be the only person that Can extri Cate Me from the Service I humbly pray Your excellency to Grant me a Discharg and Curtale me of the Land Bounty and let that Be to Defra the expence in a Small Degree of the war that has Ben so fatal to our popelarity and I pledg my honour that Should we Be again invaded I will pick up my Muskit and meett the Nauty for To Repill their Fury and I hope you will pardon a pore Soldier for the assureance of petitioning you in this Way and if it is a concistent petition I hope you will grant it and after My cincear prayrs for your prosperity in Life and Suckcess on your Seatt I Subscribe myself your humble Soldier

Wm L. W.W. Love
Son of Col Samuel Love of Virginia

DNA: RG 94--Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General.

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