James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Taylor, 8 March 1815

March 8th 1815

Owing to absence this letter was not sent at the time it was written.

I rejoice with you Sir & our Country generally at restoration of Peace. Most of whom I have seen appear pleased, some contend we are only where we began. This I contend is very far from the fact. We have gained a high National character, for never was more done by any nation with the same means: And altho’ the Saylor question is left out of the arrangment, it is not given up. And our ability (as has been evinced) to punish aggressions is the best protection against their perpetration.

I am fearful Ft. Bowyer may have fallen into the hands of the enemy. I saw Gov: Shelby a few days ago he had just received a letter from Judge Toolman stating that the force which had been repulsed at N. Orleans had attacked that Fort & had been repulsed three times, but that the enemy had laid seige to it. If the tidings of Peace did not reach that place in time, I fear it must fall.

My best Compliments to Mrs. M & to the good old Lady. I shall have your horse in fine order.


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