James Madison Papers

JM Memorandum of Principal Events of War of, March 1815

March-December 1815


June 18 War declared by the U.S. against G. Britain
July 19 The British repulsed at Sacketts Harbour
August 13 British sloop Alert taken by the U. S. frigate Essex.
16 Fort Detroit Hull Surrendered to the British
" 19th. The B. Frigate Guerrier, sunk by the A. Frigate Capt. Hull
October 18. The B. Sloop of War frolic taken by the American Sloop of W. Wash. Capt. Jones
August 5th. Frigate Macedonian taken by the Am. Frigate U State Capt. Decatur
Decr. 29. F. Java. sunk by the Am F. Constitution Capt. Bainbridge.
Jany 23 Defeat of G. Winchester on the River Raisin.
⟨Feby⟩ 24th. B. Sloop of War Peacock Sunk by the Am. Sloop of War Hornet
April 27 Capture of York in Cannada
September 6. B. Brig Boxer taken by the Am Sloop of W. Enterprise
" 10 Capture of the British Squadron, on Lake Erie, by the Am Squn. under Com. Perry
Oct. 5th. Genl. Proctor taken by Gen. Harrison
20 Gen. Hampton invades Canada
Nov. 3d. Gen. Wilkinson desends the River St. Laurence
20 Gen. Covington was killed
Decr. 10 Fort George blown up & the Town of Newark laid in ashes.
March 20. The affair of LaSalle Mills
April 29. Sloop of War ⟨Eper⟩vier captured by the Sloop of War Peacock.
July 3: Capture of Fort Erie
" 5 Battle of Chippewa
" 25  "  Bridgewater
Aug 25. Genl. Gaines defeats Genl. Drummond on an attack of Fort Erie
Sepr. 11 B. Squadron on Lake Champlain taken by the Am. Squadron under the command of Com. McDonough.
" Macombs Victory at Plattsbourg
Decr. 28 British attack New Orleans
Jany 1  "  ditto
" 8  "  ditto with Great loss
Feby 20 British F.Cyane & sloop of War Levant captd. by the Frigate Constitution Capt. Stewart

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