James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Leonard White, 1815


The undersigned inhabitants of the Circuit composed of the Counties of Gallatin & Edwards in the Illinois Territory: Most respectfully beg leave to represent:

That in pursuance of the Act of Congress "Regulateing & defining the duties of the United States Judges for the Territory of Illinois" approved 3d. March 1815, the Judges in & over the said Territory divided the same into three Circuits, to wit, the Counties of Madison & St Clair to compose the first circuit & the Honbl. J. B. Thomas allotted to preside therein--the Counties of Randolph & Johnson to compose the second circuit which was allotted to the Honbl. Will Sprigg & the Counties of Gallatin & Edwards to compose the third circuit, wherein the Honble. Stanley Griswold was allotted to preside.

That on account of the death of the Honbl. S. Griswold (of which we presume you will be officially informed ere this reaches you) we are left without a Judge to hold a Court in our Circuit, in asmuch as neither of the remaining Judges under the late arrangement can legally hold a Court out of the Circuit to which he was allotted

Now as many suits are at issue and others brought in our Courts under the new regulation and Courts are held only twice a year in each County & our next term being in November next--it will manifestly appear to yr Excellency that an immediate appointment is absolutely necessary in order that a delay of Justice which comes so seldom may be prevented a grieveance which we have long groaned under.

Therefore we most respectfully solicit your Excellency to fill the vacancy as early as yr. convenience will permit in order that we may have the benefit of the next terms, which will fall on the first & second Monday in November next. And if you would not deem us over presuming would beg leave to recommend Thomas Towles Esqr. of Henderson Ky. as a proper person to fill this important office, as he has been a successfull practiseing attorney in our Courts for several years--a Gentleman of Strict veracity & integrity and moral deportment and we have no hesitation in saying that his appointment would render complete satisfaction to the inhabitants of this Circuit and the people of the Territory generally.

Thos. Sloo Register at the Land Office

Leod. White U. S. Agent Wabash Saline & Late a Judge of the Court of Comn. Pleas

Ephraim Hubbard Jr Sherriff Galitin County

Thos. C Brown Attorny. Genl. for the Eastern district of Illinois Territory

W. C. Vaught Postmaster Shawanoe Town

Thomas E. Craig Judge County Court G. C. W. T.

Joseph M. Street Clerk of the Gallatin County Court & Clk of the Circuit Court for Gallatin County

Benjn. Talbott a member of the Legislative Council for Gallatin County

Phillip ⟨Trowell⟩ a member of the legislature

James Ratcliffe Post Master U. S. Saline

Willis Heargrave Col 4th Regt Illinois Militia

and 22 others

DNA: RG 59—LAR—Letters of Application and Recommendation.

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