James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Josef Yznardy, 31 March 1807

Duplicate Pr Brig Rising Sun Capt. Burt via Plymouth.

Cadiz 31st. March 1807.

Respected Sir:

Permit me Sir, to represent to your goodness my wishes to be acquainted if my Letters ⟨& re⟩presentations are molesting not to incomode you with repetitions; being unhappy not having ⟨the⟩ honor to be informed if those directed to you Sir the 12. 23. 25. Novr. and 6th. Decr. 1805. 24. January, ⟨   ⟩ ⟨Fe⟩bruary, 4. March, 23. April, 9th. May, 2. 10. 27. June, 3. 24. 30. July, 12. 18. 25. August, 6. 13. 25. Sepr. ⟨   ⟩ October, 6. 10. Novr, and 20 Decr. 1806, 16. 24. Jany. and 23. February last came safe to hand; and ⟨th⟩ough I experience such Silence, I will continue communicating every occurence when agreeable ⟨to the⟩ instructions I received when appointed to this Consulate, with which I have cumplied to the ⟨best⟩ of my Knowledge. Should it not be so, I wish most sincerely to be informed. Be so ⟨good⟩ Sir, if you please, to inform me if I am to continue in office & in what have I been ⟨wan⟩ting in the cumpliance of the same, and how I am to mannage henceforward.

The ⟨   ⟩ding desires and wishes flows from the following conversation, communicated to me from that ⟨part⟩ of the World "Government has no motive whatsoever to complain of you, nor can ⟨ad⟩duce any bad services, but finding itself persecuted with powerfull intercessions to place ⟨ano⟩ther, it suspends acting leaving to time your getting tired and wearied, that of your own ⟨acco⟩rd you desist and call for your retirement been offended" to which I replied, "That being ⟨well⟩ acquainted with the Gentlemen in administration, I was certain that they were incapable ⟨   ⟩ dark’ning the Justice owed to any Man; and allthough I should be mistaken in my ⟨opi⟩nion, I would never desist or leave the Office untill it was taken from me, being conformable ⟨to the⟩ honor and integrity I possess, and which I prove by acting so, being conscious that I ⟨never⟩ missed my duty absent or present."

Although my low state of health should excuse ⟨br⟩inging forth more complaints against my informers and persecutors, I find myself under the ⟨necess⟩ity to molest you with Copies of an inofficious correspondence with Mr. Meade, wherein ⟨he⟩ openly displayed his craftiness and accusations, which I expect will meet in your ⟨opin⟩ion the justice they deserve. These will be the last recourses and proves I will ⟨offer⟩ while I live, tho’ they should be continualy publishing libels against me, leaving ⟨   ⟩ operate of itself. If I was like some Consuls, that has the office only to favor their Commercial pursuits, I would permit fraudes &ca. in this case I am certain there would b⟨e⟩ complaints against me.

At last the epoch is come that obliges me to open my mind and manifest to you Sir, with real truth (which I would not have done on any other occation) and ⟨   ⟩ ground the cause why I am persecuted, why it is so earnestly desired that another should en⟨   ⟩ my place, and why a Navy Agent was appointed. When I advised Capt. Campbell ⟨of⟩ suspicions of Contraband on board his Ship proceeding from Gibraltar, was a positive tr⟨uth⟩ as such Goods were on board at the time, as I would have told him, as well as to whom they be⟨longed⟩ the same as I could have proved that some of the Goods taken out, were seized by the Reve⟨nue⟩ officers in their way ashore; whether they were on board with Capt. Campbell’s consent ⟨I⟩ ignore entirely, allthough I incline and believe he knew nothing of the business. ⟨   ⟩ another will be appointed in my place, and shall follow the mercantile line, then it ⟨will⟩ be Known the desinterest, activity, integrity and Zeal of my services, and when the ⟨Pa⟩pers will be full of complaints and representations. I defy Mr. Meade or any other per⟨son⟩ whatsoever to say or bring forth any complaints with truth against me, as I clearly tol⟨d⟩ him so, and request of him to prove any if he can; and allthough the President can, ⟨if⟩ he pleases appoint another, he never will see me desist.

Please find herein Cop⟨y⟩ of the occurences with the Agent at Algeziras, whose Appointment I am ignor⟨ant⟩ if it has met your approbation. I am well aware of your vast occupations ⟨which⟩ must take up your attention particularly in those troubled times, but, Sir, it is na⟨tural⟩ that the individual who finds himself wounded, should seek and use every fair mea⟨ns to⟩ hail the same; the Man that serves his Country with honor and integrity, is, I ⟨think⟩ deserving and entitled to an acknowledgement of the same from his Government, ⟨or⟩ if the contrary, the just reprimand; I have not Dr. Sir the least wish to be Kep⟨t⟩ in office by protection, only by merit, the basis that ever distinguishes and an⟨   ⟩ me to perseverance. It is now thirteen Years that I bear the heavy cha⟨rge⟩ of this Office full of turbelencys and Wars, and still the payment of the M⟨oney⟩ I so liberaly, generously and with the best of faith disbursed in the service ⟨&⟩ benefit of the Nation I represent yet detained, thinking it very just and fu⟨lly⟩ time to receive the same, being wanted now more than ever.

I am afraid according to the actual management of this Government, the Commerce of the ⟨US⟩ must precisely for the present stop, and in such case I will have to Shut ⟨the⟩ office as no public or private business will be done. Please find enclosed the Decree published here, which will compleatly ruin the Neutral trade; also Copies ⟨of⟩ my official Correspondence with this Governor respecting American Seamen navigatg. British Vessels. The Admirals Alava, Escaňo, and Salcedo have been ⟨ap⟩pointed Lords of the new Admiralty established in this Country; Admiral Apodaca ⟨co⟩mmands this Fleet, and Admiral Valdès that of Cartagena. Without other to add worth your attention, I have the honor of Subscribing myself ⟨wi⟩th respect and veneration, Respected Sir, Your most obedt. humble Servant

Josef Yznardy

⟨P.⟩ S. 7th. April. I am sorry to inform you that this morning Mr. John Mack a Mariner native of Salem (S. Ma.) hang’d himself. Without being able to find out the motives that ⟨le⟩d him to such a dreadfull deed: as he had no Vessell or property I am under the necessity ⟨at pre⟩sent, to face whatever expences may be defrayed in this disagreable event; not doubting Government will refund me the same; Pr the Brig Friendship Capt. Clemmons bound ⟨for Ch⟩arleston I have remitted three Packets and a Letter received for you Sir, from ⟨our⟩ Chargè D’affaires at Madrid, and Two Letters received from the same Pr the Brig ⟨Risin⟩g Sun Capt. Burt bound to Plymouth.

28th. This day I have deliver’d to Capn. ⟨Andre⟩w Stewart of the Brig Catherine bound to Norfolk, a Packet for you Sir, ⟨receiv⟩ed from our Chargè D’affaires at Madrid.

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Cadiz.

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