James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Anthony Morales, 11 January 1807

George Town (Ptk) this 11th. Jany. 1807.


When I undertook the Journey, from Charleston S. C., to the ⟨C⟩ity of Washington, it was merely, to prove to the Government, ⟨of⟩ the U. S., that the revocation of my Exequatur, was totaly un⟨de⟩served by me, and that I came, with the intention, of producing ⟨eve⟩ry satisfaction, which might be calculated, to correct, the error of ⟨su⟩ch a Step; I then, had the honor, to confere with you personnaly, ⟨at⟩ your own house, and promised, to exhibit the originals of my ⟨pr⟩ivate Instructions &ca., which I did, accompanied with the most ami⟨ca⟩ble and respectfull letter; I have not requested any accelerate answer, ⟨in⟩ order, to give time, that matters might be taken, in to such consi⟨der⟩ation, as the importance of the case, demanded; Seven days after the ⟨ad⟩mittance of those Documents, I waited on you, at your office, and ⟨yo⟩ur first clark, then observed, that you were engaged, and delivered ⟨to⟩ me, a message delegated by you to him, which must be considered, ⟨as⟩ the greatest insult, to both my Diplomatic, and Military Charac⟨ter⟩; notwitstanding which message, I called on you again, the ⟨ne⟩xt morning, and was again told, by the said clark, that you were ⟨en⟩gaged; he then rapported to me, your resolution, of Keeping the ⟨ab⟩ovementioned Documents, without intention to return them to me; ⟨I⟩ must realy confess, that a conduct of the Kind, on the part of the ⟨fir⟩st Minister of the U. S., is not correspondant to his Station, as ⟨no⟩ Law of Nations, neither Municipal, othorise the Government to demand such papers, and much less, to detain them, from a Foreing Public Minister, whom, merely thro’ a particular ⟨po⟩liteness, and consideration for the Government, has been so Kind to intrust them, for an Exhibition, which I, (with just cau⟨se)⟩ expected, should had oposed, all those frivolous supositions; and ⟨un⟩favourable inferences, which had taken place before.

My duty calls me immediately near my Government, there⟨fore⟩ I do hereby Solemnly demand of you, the return of the fo⟨llo⟩wing Documents, intrusted to you, vizt.

My Private Instructions from Holland, the official let⟨ter⟩ of the Government of St. Martin to me, and the official le⟨tter⟩ of the Ordinateur and Colonial Prefect of St. Domingo to ⟨me.⟩

If you think proper, to confer with The French Mi⟨nister⟩ on the subject, I shall feel greatly satisfied.

I request the favour of an answer, as Speedily as may ⟨be,⟩ and have the honor to remain, with due Consideration, Your humble & obt. Ser⟨vant⟩

Anthony Morales

DNA: RG 59—NFC—Notes from Foreign Consuls.

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