James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Josef Yznardy, 10 November 1806

Consular Office of the United States, Cadiz 10th. November 1806.


The delicacy of my honorable way of thinking, the ⟨in⟩tegrity of my proceedings in the Service of that Government has forced me to ⟨mo⟩lest you Sir with innumerable representations untill I proved the falsity ⟨o⟩f the accusations public & private against me of my want of personal ⟨a⟩ttendance to the Consular Office under my care; as after my Voyages to ⟨tha⟩t Continent and Madrid (having been of great Service while in the latter as Mr. Pinckney can inform) the absences made were and will be now & then ⟨to⟩ my Country House at Rota distant only an hour from this City to fortify ⟨my⟩ health & spirits after the fatigues and troubles that I pass here; where ⟨I⟩ daily dispatch what offers and ready to come here whenever it is any ⟨wa⟩ys necessary, as I have proved by the various Vouchers remitted to ⟨tha⟩t Office.

Since the Year 1795, I am serving this Employ with honor, and notwithstanding I find myself persecuted in the Public Pap⟨ers⟩ being persuaded that our President, you Sir, nor any other public Pers⟨on⟩ has given the least notice to such base and unfounded attacks.

If I was not embroiled as I am in various Consular Affairs resul⟨ting⟩ from the War before last, by which I am in advance for very large ⟨Sums⟩ believe me Dear Sir that I would have long ago made demission ⟨of⟩ the Consular office, which I will do the moment I am reimbursed, ⟨   ⟩ with the only idea that the difference of administration of another may be Known while I live. I hope in the rectitude and justification of our President that he will make Known my ancien⟨t⟩ merits to Congress, that been persuaded of the same they will al⟨low⟩ me the just satisfaction they may judge I deserve. With Sentiments of gratitude, I am Sir, Your most ob. humble Serv⟨ant⟩

Josef Yznardy

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Cadiz.

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