James Madison Papers

To James Madison from William Jarvis, 12 September 1806

Lisbon 12th. Septr. 6


Since the foregoing no ⟨ev⟩ent of the smallest political im⟨po⟩rtance has taken place regarding ⟨thi⟩s Country. The same veil of Mys⟨ter⟩y, too still continues to hide from ⟨the⟩ world the object of Lord St. Vincents ⟨vis⟩it. Nothing is doing to the Navy. No recruists are getting for the Army. Public paper still at 19 PrCent discount, about which it has been for Six months with a small variation of 3 PrCent, for a fortnight only, shortly before his (Lord St. Vincents) arrival, and it has not varied greatly the whole Wa⟨r,⟩ the general discount having be⟨en⟩ fourteen to seventeen PrCents. Every speculation as to his Lordship’s o⟨b⟩ject is almost Silent. For the fir⟨st⟩ week after he got Prattic, thousa⟨nds⟩ of both Sexes went on board to s⟨ee⟩ his Ship. Those were treated with the utmost civility & the Ladies with the greatest gallantry, given Tea, Coffee, cold collations &ca; ⟨   ⟩ this rage is now over; so that w⟨e⟩ are now as quiet as before Hi⟨s⟩ Lordship arrived. The length of ti⟨me⟩ to which the Negotiations at Par⟨is⟩ have spun out, when the wor⟨ld⟩ supposed that every thing was do⟨ne⟩ but signing, conduces to a gener⟨al⟩ opinion that they will not ⟨be⟩ succeeded by Peace. Perhaps it is owing to the King of Prussia’s not proving so tractable as was expected about the restoration of Hanover: or perhaps some farther Continental arrangements are to be made, which it may be thought will not impede the Peace, and which it is found more convenient to do before signing the Preliminaries. There is some talk of another Coalition should the Negotiations not succeed; but I presume those are founded almost entirely on the speculations in the English News-papers.

Two days ago there were two more detained Tripolines released from quarantine. Nilson, a Swede, who was quarter-master of the Philadelphia commanded one. Wit⟨h⟩ him was Thomas Prince, a⟨n⟩ American Seaman, belonging to the sa⟨me⟩ frigate, who turned musulm⟨an.⟩ He wishing to return home th⟨e⟩ Portugueze Commodore had ⟨the⟩ politeness to send one of Hi⟨s⟩ Lieutenants & the Chaplain ⟨to⟩ me with him, yesterday & lu⟨c⟩kily the Schooner Mary & Eliza Captn. Harsiden, was just on the point of Sailing for Bosto⟨n⟩ to which place Prince belong⟨s⟩ and I immediately put hi⟨m⟩ on board. He says he is the o⟨n⟩ly Native born American ⟨who⟩ changed his religion. The ⟨Por⟩tugueze Commodore gave ⟨him⟩ a new Jacket, waiscoat, & trowsers, ⟨hat⟩ shirt & Shoes. By Capt⟨n.⟩ Harsiden I forwarded a letter just received from Mr. Simpson. I Shall inclose duplicates of letters to & from His Excy. Mr. d’Araujo relative to the imprisonment of Mr. da Silva. I have appointed Mr John Crispin my deputy Consul for Faro. He is the most respectable English Merchant in that place & connected with Some of the most respectable British Merchants here. With perfect Respect I have the honor to be Sir Yr Mo: Ob: Servt.

William Jarvis

Constitution Captn. Campbell arrived ⟨here⟩ Six days ago. She gets prattic to day. ⟨Ca⟩ptn. Campbell wrote the Secy. of the Navy by Captn. Dupreau

14 Septr. In going on board the Constitution yesterday in the afternoon, I observed that two Men of War & a frigate were beginning to undergo a repair.

DNA: RG 59--CD--Consular Despatches, Lisbon.

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