James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Martin Baker, 8 September 1806


Consulate of the United States of America, for the Balearick Islands Palma, Island of Majorca 8th. of September 1806


I had this honor on the 16th. of July ultimo (pr. triplicate, transmitted by different vias) covering my last Demi-Annual Consular Report, closing on the Thirtieth day of June 1806: which beg leave to confirm.

The present serves to communicate, that on the 16th. ultimo Anchored in this Bay, the American Bark Mary of Salem, Daniel Bray Junior, Master: (Cleared from said port, bound to Trieste) put in this port, to land Twenty Six Spanish Prisoners, forced upon him the preceding day, in Sight of this Island, by an Armed Zebeque, un⟨der⟩ English colours (Anchored in this Bay at 9. O Clock AM: Landed ⟨the⟩ mentioned Twenty Six Men: receiv⟨ed⟩ a supply of Water, and sailed on her voyage at 6. O Clock: P: M. of the same day) Considering the act of violation on our flag, and interruption to our Commerce: I have on the Eighteenth day of August, ulti⟨mo⟩ passed to Consul Gavino Gibralta⟨r⟩ Copy of the deposition written by said Daniel Bray: with this Consular attestation to the declaration made before me to the End of bringing the offense to justice: and that i⟨n⟩ the future the British Government at Gibraltar, may suppress the continuance of such unwarrantable Conduct. I herewith transmit Enclosed for your further information of particulars, Copy of Captain Brays deposition, as well Copy of my letter to Consul Gavino: and trust that you will approve of my procedure thereupon.

I beg leave Sir, to make known, that I continue without the honor of the leave of Absence, solicited per my official of the 8th. of January 1806. The last Packet from Barcelona to this port, with three Mails on board was captured on the 7th: ins⟨t:⟩ (yesterday) and the Mails sunk; Th⟨e⟩ packets from Barcelona, to the Island of Minorca, have shared the same fate at different periods, since the present Rupture: Which circumstan⟨ce⟩ induces me to presume, that I have had the misfortune to be deprived ⟨in conse⟩quence thereof, of Letters from the Department of State, having receiv⟨ed⟩ but one packet, since my arriva⟨l⟩ at my Consular Station: That Consu⟨lar⟩ Circulars, under date first, and twe⟨lfth⟩ July 1805, acknowledged per my official twelfth of May last; Which⟨h⟩ take the liberty to communicate, to the End of your being pleased, if such be the case, to order Copies to be transmitted me, for my Government &c

Thank Divine Providence good health is enjoyed on these Islands

I beg leave Sir, to ask the favor of my letters, being directed to Palma Island of Majorca. The official packet above cited, acknowledged to be received per mine 12th May last, was directed Island of Minorca. When so addressed, it is of consequence subject to Two risks, being first sent to Mahon, and afterwards transmitted to me here I have the honor to be, With Great Respect, Sir, Your Most Obedient, humble Servant,

John Martin Baker

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Port Mahon.

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