James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Martin Baker, 18 August 1806

Consulate of the United States of America, for the Balearick Islands
Palma, Island of Majorca, 18th. of August 1806.


I herewith transmit you Enclosed Copy of the written deposition, and Declaration made before me by Daniel Bray Junior, Master: Samuel Stickney, Mate: and William Stanger, Mariner: of the American Bark Mary of Salem: of which you will please make the use you may deem proper, to the End of our Public Good: and that the offender, and unwarrantable Violater of the Neutrality of Our flag, and interruption of our Commerce may be punished: and that in the future such unjustifiable conduct be prevented Certain that the British Government, can never countenance such Violation to be committed by any one under their authority, and that on Your representation due Satisfaction will be given, & in the future such acts Suppressed I am with much Respect Sir, Yr. M Obedient Servant

John Martin Baker

NB. The Two Spanish Patrons, among the Twenty Six Spaniards, conveyed here per the Americ⟨an⟩ Bark Mary have informed me, "That the ⟨Gavey⟩ is named Sn. Antonio, Commander, or chi⟨ef⟩ of the Gang, named Gorgé, That the owner’s name is Geronimo married at Gibraltar, where are his Wife, and Children".

Capn. Danl Bray mentioned said armed Ves⟨sel⟩ mounted four Guns. All which for you⟨r⟩ information, which I trust will counteract all disguise

John Martin Baker

I ask the favor of your acknowledging receip⟨t⟩ of this letter, via Lisbon, or other channel yo⟨u⟩ may deem most fit, for my Government

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Port Mahon.

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